Teka washing machines pamper the garments you love most. 

Our ultimate laundry range has transformed washing machines into meticulous apparel care appliances, evidenced by the Woolmark certificate.


Drum Softcare

The gentlest way to break down water resistance. Our drum’s exclusive design, formed of small cubes, has been developed using cutting edge computational fluid dynamics technology. The result can be seen in the lower textile water flow resistivity—up to 20 times lower than that offered by other washing machines—improving garment care in their washing, drying and spinning stages.

Teka Fuzzy Logic

Do you want to wash more efficiently? Teka’s Fuzzy Logic System manages all washing processes electronically. This system corrects any irregularities that might be found throughout the program, for example, a foam level higher than expected or a poor load weight distribution, an unsuitable water level or an incorrect temperature for the fabric washed.


Washing Machines

Teka Speed Wash

No more waiting. Thanks to this function, just by pushing a button, you can reduce the length of any washing program by 30 %. More time for you,
less for the machine.

Balance Control

Teka’s balance control system optimizes clothing distribution, preventing it from becoming tangled. It also increases stability, reducing the noise level and also extends the useful life of the washing machine. In addition, Teka’s washing machine drum is a perforated stainless steel drum that helps clothes slide smoothly inside the washing machine.

Delayed Programming

Wash whenever you want even if you are not at home! Your washing cycle can be delayed up to 24 hours to
take advantage of more economic night rates.

Your Favourite Cycle

Memorize your ideal program just touching for 3 second the favourite button. It allows you to design the perfect cycle for your preferred garments.

Child Safe

Teka appliances are equipped with the most advanced technology regarding security like Delayed Opening or Child Lock security.

No more Allergies

The smart foam control system adds an additional rinse which is ideal for sensitive skins.