90 years of experience with sinks at your service

Teka´s kitchen sinks are carefully manufactured with the same approach a chef has when preparing a recipe, choosing only the best ingredients. The best steel available, paired with the best design and features, make your Teka sink become the silent star in your kitchen. 


304 Grade Stainless Steel

All Teka sinks are manufactured using premium 18/10 stainless steel (304 grade). The 18/10 refers to 18 % chromium and 10 % nickel in the steel. It's this 10 % of nickel that provides the corrosion resistance.

75 Year Warranty

Due to the high quality 304 grade steel used and precision European manufacturing, all Teka sinks are backed up by a 75 year warranty.


With solid marble, granite and modern composite bench tops, undermounting the sink has become a popular option. The Teka undermount sink is mounted and caulked from underneath using the special clips provided. 

Undermount Sinks