Cold also plays an important role in a home’s warmth.

Our refrigerators keep food fresh because they preserve its nutrients and vitamins efficiently.


Total Frost Free

All Teka fridges provide a total Frost Free solution providing the convenience of never having to defrost.

High Moisture Retention

The very latest moisture retention and humidity control systems create the perfect storage environment for the various food types. 


Side-by-side & French Door

Rapid Freeze & Cool

Teka Rapid Freeze and Rapid Cool functions provides you with the convenience of speed freezing and cooling—ideal for when you return from the supermarket with a load of new groceries.

LED Lighting

The Teka ECO LED lighting disperses light evenly throughout the interior of your fridge, meaning nothing can hide at the back of the fridge.

Vacation Mode

When you go away for a holiday, you can quickly reduce your energy consumption at the touch of a button with Vacation mode.

Digital Touch Controls

Aside from being stylish, the digital control interface allows you to control the fridge and freezer temperatures with the touch of a button.

Spill Proof Shelves

No one enjoys cleaning and having a well-designed fridge can make all the difference! Teka fridges feature spill proof shelves, meaning any spills can be easily wiped clean without soiling your entire fridge.

Child Proofing

With alarms that alert you when the fridge door has been left open and a child-proof lock to prevent controls being changed, Teka fridges are designed to help parents.