Extracting air from all angles

Delicious aromas with no unpleasant fumes or smells. So discreet you can hardly see them, so beautiful they look like works of art.


Peace & Quiet

Forget the old extractors that used to spoil the harmony of the kitchen. Teka rangehoods use the latest in quiet motor technology along with being specially engineered to absorb noise.

Perimeter Extraction

The “Contour System” perimeter extraction offers superior efficiency levels. Based on the Venturi effect principle, air accelerates as it passes through a pipeline, then decreases immediately as it enters the hood, creating a barrier that prevents the smoke and odours from leaking. It allows aesthetics to be improved and as there is smaller open area, the noise level is lower, too.


Canopy & Integrated Hoods

Touch Controls

Teka rangehoods featuring touch controls provide the ultimate solution in minimalist design. When the rangehood isn't in use, the controls disappear. 

Extraction & Design

Teka rangehoods offer industry leading air extraction, starting at a powerful 750 m3 per hour air movement. Furthermore, Teka’s latest rangehood designs are one step ahead. Our European-designed rangehoods combine elegance and innovation, with the best quality materials, delivering the ultimate in technological luxury in the kitchen.

Children Friendly

Long life, triple the brightness and energy consumption ten times lower than a halogen lamp are just some of the benefits of LED lights, without forgetting that they are really environmentally friendly.