Teka sets the benchmark in Europe in the manufacture of built-in home appliances, especially ovens, cooktops, hoods and sink units, and is sold in over 110 countries today.


Teka International

With more than 90 years in the market, Teka is a German multinational corporation engaged in manufacturing and marketing kitchen – being considered as one of the leading specialists in built-in household appliances – and bathroom solutions.

Our Mission

PEOPLE is what Teka cares about the most. That is why our everyday mission is to manufacture household appliances and bathroom solutions so that real people enjoy and share unique moments with their beloved ones.

Our Purpose

Since the very first moment we come up with a product sketch, we have only one idea in mind: to make possible that our customers live and share, thanks to our products, their most unique moments in the kitchen.

Reasons to Choose Teka


For more than 90 years of expertise in the market, we have endeavoured and thought over each and every one of our processes in search for continuous improvement. The outcome: more than 116 million customers worldwide already trust in us


Teka is always synonym with quality. Our products undergo strict in-house and external controls so that they arrive to your household providing all the requisite quality guarantees: ISO certified, initial sample tests, random on-delivery inspections. Quality control does not stop at our lab.

Broad Range

With one of the most extensive product portfolios in the market, Teka provides integral solutions for the kitchen and for almost all the elements in the bathroom. Our built-in appliances and our comprehensive selection make us one of the favourite brands for many decorators and interior designers all over the world.


Since technology must not be at odds with responsible consumption and taking care of the planet, we work hard to create eco-efficient solutions that will actually help you save money and energy. The outcome, up to “Energy Class A+++”certified household appliances or taps capable of reducing water consumption.


Since we believe that supporting talent is the key to change the world, each year we invest in I+D+i. The outcome, unique and innovative solutions for real life.


Since our vocation is to make your life easier, we offer integral solutions to help you simplify your chores. As an integral supplier, we provide you with a wide segment coverage. Versatility and adaptability are part of our DNA. We think locally, and work globally, to suit your lifestyle.