Although all dryers might seem the same, they're not. Discover Teka's dryer models and learn more about the advantages of our garment drying system.


Drum Softcare

The gentlest way to break down water resistance. Our drum’s exclusive design, formed of small cubes, has been developed using cutting edge computational fluid dynamics technology. The result can be seen in the lower textile water flow resistivity—up to 20 times lower than that offered by other machines—improving garment care in their drying and spinning stages.

Teka Speed Dry

No more waiting. Thanks to this function, just by pushing a button, you can reduce the length of any washing program by 30 %. More time for you,
less for the machine.



Child Safe

Teka appliances are equipped with the most advanced technology regarding security like Delayed Opening or Child Lock security.

Drying Options

Teka dryers offer you plenty of drying options. Features include several programmes and intensity levels, so that you can provide your garments with the treatment they demand, like a dedicated cycle for delicate laundry and and anti-wrinkle drying. Besides, in order to make ironing even easier, the drum spins in both directions. With Teka, your clothes are in good hands.

Your Favourite Cycle

Memorize your ideal program just touching for 3 second the favourite button. It allows you to design the perfect cycle for your preferred garments.