Teka cooktops, enjoy cooking more than ever!

Teka's range of cooktops covers gas and induction styles, all with specific and intelligent features and benefits to suit your own personal style. Teka cooktops turn your kitchen time into a great experience: easier, quick and safer.


Gas Cooktops

With Teka´s gas hobs, you will get the most genuine taste for your most traditional recipes. Our gas hob models are very powerful, display a modern, easy to clean design and feature several safety measures for you to feel at ease while cooking. Should you need a gas cooktop for your kitchen, choose Teka.

Induction Cooktops

Teka´s induction cooktops are faster, safer and more efficient, as they just heat the pot or pan in which you are cooking without losing any heat or energy. Teka induction cooktops have a range of advantages, from programmable timers and Stop & Go function, to slide touch controls and combining two zones into one large cooking surface. 


Gas Cooktops

Energy Optimization

Teka takes care of energy saving and protects the environment. The new high efficiency third series burners for EFX hobs save between 20 % and 25 % more gas than traditional cooktops, with a maximum efficiency of 69 %. Improved gas combustion serves to increase power.

Flame Failure Safety

It is important to keep safety present when cooking with gas. Enjoy peace of mind with the Autolock security system; each burner is fitted with a thermocouple device that shuts off the gas if a flame is not detected.

Wok Burner

The powerful double or triple ring wok burner produces maximum heat and maximum control, assuring the perfect cooking result. The ideal solution for stir frying.

Induction Cooktops

Slide Touch Controls

Having your own chef is now possible with the Personal Cooking Assistant. 17 recipes at your fingertips. Just prepare the ingredients and your personal assistant will do the job choosing the right temperature, cooking and time function automatically.

Stop & Go

If you are called away this function pauses the cooking process for ten minutes. Once you return and press the button again, the hob will automatically restore the previous settings — temperature, timer, etc.

Synchro Function

Do you cook fish in a fish pan? The Synchro function allows the simultaneous activation of two zones for a larger cooking surface.