Teka Compacts

Compact in size, huge in performance. Teka has created a range of compacts for those aspire to achieve the best results in their recipes and more room in their life. All the advantages of a big appliance in a smaller package. 


Cool Touch System
The revolutionary Cool Touch System® reduces glass temperature by 23°c, which is below the limits required by the tightest legal standards, thanks to optimisation of hot air output from the cavity. Moreover, it reduces not only burn risks, but also the temperature inside the compartment, preventing your kitchen cabinets from suffering heat damage.


Child Lock
It is especially useful in kitchens where children are present and also prevents oven settings from being inadvertently changed during cooking.


Easy Slide Guides
Telescopic guides provide easy, safe access to the cooking tray. Teka has gone one step further and incorporated a new security system called Easy Slide which fixes both parallel guides, making it easier for you to insert and remove the tray effortlessly and safely.


Teka revolutionises the household market yet again with Hydroclean®, an ecological cleaning system. Hydroclean® is innovative technology with just a glass of water your oven will be clean in 24 minutes with hardly an effort.


Slowcook Function
This function slows down cooking pace to fully preserve all the juice, flavour, aroma and essential nutrients. In this way, all the properties are retained, making a succulent experience of every meal.


Pyrolitic Cleaning
Teka pyrolitic cleaning carbonises organic substances to temperatures of up to 500o C, turning all food residues into ash which can easily be wiped away with a damp cloth when the oven cools.